Martin Nägele

University of Bonn | Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Hausdorff Center for Mathematics


I am a PostDoc at University of Bonn, hosted by Jens Vygen. I will join the group of Rico Zenklusen at ETH Zurich as a permanent member in August 2024, thereby going back to where I obtained my PhD degree in 2021.

My main research interests lie in the development of efficient exact or approximation algorithms for various problems in Combinatorial Optimization. I am convinced that theoretical insights and advanced algorithmic techniques can give a huge benefit in real-world applications, which is why besides theory research, I am also interested a lot in industrial projects. Check out both the publications and applied projects sections to get a glimpse of what I’ve been up to recently!


May 16, 2024 A new preprint featuring an improved approximation for Ordered TSP is available (joint work with Susanne Armbruster and Matthias Mnich)! Check it out at arXiv:2405.06244, or download the pdf from the publications section!
Jan 22, 2024 Our paper A Better-Than-1.6-Approximation for Price-Collecting TSP (joint with Jannis Blauth and Nathan Klein) was accepted to IPCO 2024! :smiley: Find a preprint at arXiv:2308.06254 or in the publications section.
Nov 13, 2023 I am extremely happy to announce that I’ll be back at ETH Zurich starting in August 2024, re-joining the group of Rico Zenklusen! :switzerland:
Oct 13, 2023 The journal version of our paper A New Dynamic Programming Approach for Spanning Trees with Chain Constraints and Beyond is (finally!) available here.
Oct 1, 2023 I’ll be at the Aussois Combinatorial Optimization Workshop in January 2024. I am looking forward a lot to another edition of this great event, see you there! :skier: