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Bernhard Korte     Jens Vygen

Combinatorial Optimization

Theory and Algorithms

Algorithms and Combinatorics 21
Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York Tokyo Paris Milano

  • First Edition 2000
  • Second Edition 2002
  • Japanese Edition 2005
  • Third Edition 2006
  • Fourth Edition 2008
  • German Edition 2008
  • Second Japanese Edition 2009
  • French Edition 2010
  • Italian Edition 2011
  • Fifth Edition 2012
  • Second German Edition 2012
  • Chinese Edition 2014 (Science Press China)
  • Russian Edition 2015 (Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education)
  • Sixth Edition 2018
Preface and Table of Contents (6th edition)

More Information from the publishers:

List of Updates and Errors of the Sixth Edition

All entries in the following list refer to the sixth edition. (For a list for the 5th edition, see here.) Any additional comments are welcome.

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