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Bernhard Korte     Jens Vygen

Combinatorial Optimization

Theory and Algorithms

Algorithms and Combinatorics 21
Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg New York Tokyo Paris Milano

  • First Edition 2000
  • Second Edition 2002
  • Japanese Edition 2005
  • Third Edition 2006
  • Fourth Edition 2008
  • German Edition 2008
  • Second Japanese Edition 2009
  • French Edition 2010
  • Italian Edition 2011
  • Fifth Edition 2012
  • Second German Edition 2012
  • Chinese Edition 2014 (Science Press China)
  • Russian Edition 2015 (Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education)
  • Second French Edition 2018
  • Sixth Edition 2018
  • Third German Edition 2018
Preface and Table of Contents (6th edition)

More Information from the publishers:

List of Updates and Errors of the Sixth Edition

All entries in the following list refer to the sixth edition. (For an outdated list for the 5th edition, see here.) Any additional comments are welcome.

Page Line Comment
58 14 Replace "min" by "max".
204 24 One must require $c \ge c'$ in Exercise 6.
628 28-29 The paper by Svensson, Tarnawski and Végh [2017] appeared in the Proceedings of the 50th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (2018), pp. 204-213.

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