Cover Algorithmische Mathematik

Stefan Hougardy     Jens Vygen

Algorithmic Mathematics

Springer-Verlag 2016

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German version of the book

All C++-programs appearing in the book can be downloaded here:

All programs within a single .zip-archive
Programs's number and name file name
1.8 The Square of an Integer square.cpp
1.14 Simple Primality Test prime.cpp
1.18 The Sieve of Eratosthenes sieve.cpp
1.25 Collatz Sequence collatz.cpp
2.2 Base Converter baseconv.cpp
2.10 Rational and Harmonic Numbers fraction.h
2.10 Rationale Zahlen und harmonische Zahlen harmonic.cpp
2.11 Arbitrarily Large Integers largeint.h
2.11 Arbitrarily Large Integers largeint.cpp
2.11 Arbitrarily Large Integers factorial.cpp
3.8 Euclidean Algorithm euclid.cpp
6.25 Queue queue.h
6.29 Graphs graph.h
6.29 Graphs graph.cpp
6.29 Graphs testgraph.cpp
7.5 Breadth-First Search bfs.cpp
8.5 Sorting by Successive Selection sort.cpp
8.18 Heap heap.h
8.20 Heap Sort heapsort.cpp
9.8 Prim’s Algorithm and Dijkstra’s Algorithm primdijkstra.cpp

The programs can be compiled using any C++ compiler supporting C++11. Additional information can be found in the book. In addition to this no further assistance can be given by the authors.

List of known errors:

page line number
error description
replace 1.00269 by 0.00269
86 (in the code)
replace BirthdayComparison comparison(Date(Date::today)); by BirthdayComparison comparison((Date(Date::today))); as otherwise according to the
C++-specification this line will be interpreted as a function declaration (e.g. the clang-Compiler does it while the g++-compiler does not).

We are grateful for pointing out any errors in our book. Stefan Hougardy and Jens Vygen
Last changes: 2016, December 14