You can find the workshop program here.

The workshop will take place between Friday, noon and Sunday, noon.

There will be a Welcome Reception on Friday at 12.00 pm.
Presentations start at 12.30 pm.

Registration is open from 11.00 am until 12.30 pm.
If you need financial support for travel, please bring your receipts to the registration.

Plenary speaker

Our plenary speaker is Prof. Angelika Steger from ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
The titles of her presentations are:
  • Boltzmann samplers and properties of combinatorial structures
  • Random Ramsey Theory
  • Our Brain: heavily relying on randomness

List of speakers

Christina Büsing: Recoverable Robustness by exchanging or deleting k elements.
Eglantine Camby: The Price of Connectivity for Vertex Cover: Perfect, Near-Perfect and Critical Graphs.
Carolyn Chun: A splitter theorem for internally 4-connected graphs and binary matroids.
Agnes Cseh: Noble Matchmakers.
Katherine Edwards: Bounding the fractional chromatic number of K_Delta - free graphs.
Anja Fischer: New lifting approaches for quadratic traveling salesman problems.
Annika Heckel: The hitting time of rainbow connection number two.
Susan Margulies: Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and Linear Algebra: An Algorithm for Determining Combinatorial Infeasibility.
Katarzyna Mieczkowska: On Erdös' extremal problem on matchings in hypergraphs.
Renata Erika Kovacs: Network Coding Algorithms for Wireless Networks.
Dijana Kreso: Invariants of polynomial decomposition.
Anite Liebenau: Fast strategies in Maker-Breaker games.
Julia Pap: Stable Multicommodity Flows.
Teresa Piovesan: A conic approach to entangled-assisted graph parameters.
Melanie Schmidt: Earliest Arrival Flows.
Christine Zarges: Analysis of Randomised Search Heuristics - The Fixed Budget Perspective.

Speaker information

Please time your presentation to fit within the designated time span of 20 minutes, leaving 5 minutes time for audience questions and change of speaker.

Please send us a short abstract of your talk as latex source file or text file until May 28.

We recommend that you have at hand a USB flash drive with a copy of your presentation.

If you need to use your own laptop, a computer projector with VGA input is available, as well as adapters for some other inputs.
Please ask in time if the one you need is available, or bring your own adapter.
Please test the connection before your sessions begins.

Short presentations

Unfortunately, due to the large number of participants, not everyone will be able to give a talk.

We therefore invite all other participants to give a short presentation of themselves and their work to enable exchange and discussion between all workshop participants.

Short presentations should last 4 minutes, plus one minute time for questions and change of speaker.

To limit the time for speaker change, please send us your presentation as a pdf or latex source file until
June 3rd. Please also send us a short abstract as latex source file or text file until May 28.

Social program

The workshop starts with a welcome reception on Friday at noon.

Conference dinner

We will have a barbeque on Friday evening.
The conference dinner will take place on the first floor terrace of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics.


On Saturday evening, there will be guided tours of the Arithmeum.