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Master's Program Mathematics

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For the following modules of the Master's Program Mathematics, courses are offered on a regular basis by the professors of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics:

Successful participation in the exercises is an absolute requirement for permission for module examination where exercises are offered with the lectures.

The semester numbers mentioned above refer to a start of studies in the winter term. Should you take up studies in the summer term, the modules V4C2 or V4C3 are recommended as a start, according to background knowledge.

Apart from the lectures mentioned above, the bachelor modules "Kombinatorik, Graphen, Matroide" and "Lineare und ganzzahlige Optimierung" can be used the module "Foundations of Discrete Mathematics" (F4C1) for the master's programs.

More detailed descriptions of these and all other modules of the Master Program Mathematics can be found here: module handbook

Of course, it is also possible to set the focus on Discrete Mathematics and to write a master's thesis (T5G1) at the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics. The Master's Thesis Seminar (S5G1) is also offered regularly.

All courses in the master's program are in English.

Schedules for a master's course of study with focus on Discrete Mathematics can be found here.

For questions or further details please contact U. Brenner.