Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics

Bachelor's Program Computer Science

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For the following modules of the Bachelor Program Mathematics, courses are offered on a regular basis by the teachers of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics:

The following lecture can be attended as a module for the minor subject Mathematics in the course of the Bachelor's Program Computer Science:

Successful participation in the exercises is an absolute requirement for permission for module examination where exercises are offered with the lectures.

This information applies subject to a different decision by the Board of Examiners.

More detailed descriptions of these and all other modules of the Bachelor's Program Computer Science are given in the module module handbook.

Students specializing in Discrete Mathematics may, of course, write their Bachelor's thesis (BA-INF 061) at the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics. For the students concerned a project group (BA-INF 051) will be offered regularly. If applicable, please contact a professor of the institute in time.

Students writing their project group work, Bachelor's thesis or Master's thesis on the history of computing can find current templates here.

For further information and more details, please contact Ulrich Brenner.