Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics


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Lennéstr. 2
53113 Bonn

Phone: +49-228-738731
Fax: +49-228-738771
E-Mail: bibliothek (at)

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday

The library is a reference library, i.e., generally, books cannot be taken away. There is a photocopying machine working with chip cards of the University of Bonn (but not with coins). However, for students of Discrete Mathematics some books that can be taken away have been put on reserve (user instructions).

The library is located in the new building at the Hofgarten (how to reach) in the first floor above ground level and can be accessed via the main entrance of the Arithmeum or via the rear entrance (see Figure below). Inside the building, take the staircase or lift up to the very next level and leave the stairwell through the glass door on the right-hand side. Behind you will find restrooms and left-luggage lockers. The next glass door is the entrance of the library.

Technical reports

A list of publications and technical reports can be found here.

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