Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics

Lecture Course "Chip Design"

Summer Term 2021

Module V4C3 and MA-INF 1202

This course is part of the Master's Programs in Mathematics and Computer Science. Basic knowledge in combinatorial optimization is required.

Chip design is one of the most interesting application areas of mathematics. We discuss theory and practice. Many applications of combinatorial optimization will be shown. Recent theory, algorithms, and implications of new chip technologies will be discussed. The course covers topics in Boolean circuit optimization, placement, timing optimization, and routing.

This course is in English. Since there exists no suitable textbook yet, I will distribute lecture notes on eCampus (ln.pdf) that are continuously revised. Many topics and references can also be found in:

See also here for further reading.
The Arithmeum hosts a exposition "Mathematics and aesthetics of chip design". Several interesting features are available online. They help to understand the overall chip design problem and give an impression on some of the problems that we will study mathematically in depth.

Class Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:15-13:45, starting April 10.
First Lecture: April 13.
Room: We start on Zoom and might move a hybrid Zoom/presence mode once the latter gets allowed. . A blog with the access to Zoom and the lecture notes, as well as a forum for online discussions can be found here eCampus.
Exercise Class: time will be determined in first lecture.

Prof. Dr. S. Held