Graduate Seminar on Discrete Optimization (S4C1)

Summer 2018

Facility Location Problems

The talks in this seminar will be based on recently published papers on different versions of facility location problems.
List of the talks with references.
Class hours: Mondays 14:15-15:45. Approval talks: 12:15-13:45
Number Approval talk Talk Name Topic Mentoring
1 16.4.
30.4. Jan Niklas Ehm Local Search Pietro Saccardi
2 23.4.
7.5. Claudia Renner Dual Fitting Pietro Saccardi
3 30.4.
14.5. Lukas Erlenbach Combined algorithms for uncapacitated facility location Markus Ahrens
4 7.5.
28.5. Federico Miceli Approximation for k-median Markus Ahrens
5 14.5.
4.6. Simon Thomä Primal-dual algorithms Anna Hermann
6 28.5.
11.6. Thorben Tröbst Ordered k-median Anna Hermann
7 4.6.
18.6. Joachim Wilhelm Capacitated k-center problem Tilmann Bihler
8 11.6.
25.6. Tim Racs LP-based algorithm for capacitated facility location Rudi Scheifele
9 18.6.
9.7. Raoul Nicolodi Capacitated k-median with (1 + ε)k open facilities. Rudi Scheifele
10 25.6.
16.7. Jan Henrik Klüver Clustering with outliers Niko Klewinghaus

Prof. Dr. B. Korte,
Prof. Dr. J. Vygen,
Prof. Dr. S. Hougardy,
Prof. Dr. S. Held,
Dr. U. Brenner