Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics

Master's Thesis Seminar

Date Name Topic
18.7.2014, 14:30 Uhr Friedrich Saas Soft packings of rectangles (II)
30.7.2014, 12:30 Uhr Sophie Spirkl Boolean Circuit Optimization (III)
28.8.2014, 10:15 Uhr Rasmus Schroeder Eliminating edges in TSP instances (III)
17.9.2014, 12:30 Uhr Markus Ahrens Pin Access in BonnRoute (III)
12.11.2014, 12:30 Uhr Friedrich Saas Soft packings of rectangles (III)
10.12.2014, 12:30 Uhr Christoph Matzke Track Assignment (III)
17.12.2014, 12:30 Uhr Nils Hoppmann Self-stabilizing BonnPlace (III)
7.1.2015, 12:30 Uhr Philipp Weiß Linear Programming in Placement (III)
28.1.2015, 12:30 Uhr Daniel Romen Cost-Based Buffering for Multiple Resources (III)

Prof. Dr. B. Korte,
Prof. Dr. J. Vygen,
Prof. Dr. S. Hougardy,
Prof. Dr. S. Held,
Dr. U. Brenner,
Dr. N. Hähnle