Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics

Master's Thesis Seminar

Date Name Topic
3.6.2013, 14:15 Maxim Wegesin Repeater Trees with Choosable Vertex Delays
5.7.2013, 16:15 Clemens Rösner Smoothed Analysis
15.8.2013, 14:00 Uhr s.t. Sonja Wittke Discrete Time-Cost Tradeoff Problems in Timing Optimization (III)
2.9.2013, 14:00 Uhr s.t. Simon Ahrens Generalizations of the d-dimensional arrangement problem (III)
2.9.2013, 16:00 Uhr s.t. Corinna Gottschalk Traveling Salesman Problem (II)
25.9.2013, 12:30 Uhr (Konferenzraum) Rudolf Scheifele Steiner Trees with Bounded Elmore Delay (III)
2.10.2013, 12:30 Uhr (Konferenzraum) Thomas Weyd MIP approach for LeafCell Routing (III)
16.10.2013, 12:30 Uhr (Konferenzraum) Christiane Engels Algorithms for Macro Placement (III)
30.10.2013, 12:30 Uhr (Konferenzraum) Jannik Silvanus Fast Exact Steiner Tree Generation Using Dynamic Programming (III)
20.12.2013, 14:00 Uhr s.t. Maxim Wegesin Repeater Tree Topologies with Choosable Edge Lengths (II)
23.12.2013, 14 Uhr c.t. (Konferenzraum) Corinna Gottschalk Approximation Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem in Graphs and Digraphs (III)

Prof. Dr. B. Korte,
Prof. Dr. J. Vygen,
Prof. Dr. S. Hougardy,
Jun.Prof. Dr. S. Held,
Dr. U. Brenner