Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics

Exercise class "Chip Design"

Summer Term 2012

Place: Seminarraum (Arithmeum, Lennéstr. 2)
Time: Wenesday, 14.15 - 16.00
Start: April 11th


    Exercises 1     Deadline: 12.04.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 2     Deadline: 19.04.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 3     Deadline: 26.04.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 4     Deadline: 03.05.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 5     Deadline: 10.05.12 before the lecture

    Steiner instances for programming exercises     This file contains a couple of instances for the programming exercise 3.4. For each of the provided instances, an approximate solution for the rectilinear Steiner tree length is provided. Good luck!

    Exercises 6     Deadline: 22.05.12 before the lecture

    Placement instances for programming exercises     This directory contains a couple of instances for the programming exercise 6.4. Check in partucular the tiny instance ampel.str with the corresponding plot .

    Exercises 7     Deadline: 05.06.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 8     Deadline: 14.06.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 9     Deadline: 21.06.12 before the lecture

    Exercises 10     Deadline: 28.06.12 before t\ he lecture

    Exercises 11     Deadlines: 5/10.07.12 before the lecture

Successful participation criteria:

Successful participation in the exercise class is needed for all master students and computer science students in order to be able to do an exam for this module.
Also everyone who needs a certificate (Übungsschein) for this lecture has to meet these criteria.

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Dr. Markus Struzyna